現在の全所有数: 18493
 the brilliant greenWishing you
 the brilliant greenmaybe we could go back to then(76ver)
 the brilliant greenRainy days never stays (album mix)
 the brilliant greenrock'n roll
 the brilliant greenround and round
 the brilliant greenRunning so high
 the brilliant greenseptember rain
 the brilliant greenstand by
 the brilliant greenThat boy waits for me
 the brilliant greenthe lucky star☆☆☆
 the brilliant greenThe night has pleasant time
 the brilliant greenthere will be love there-愛のある場所-
 the brilliant greenmagic place
 the brilliant greenyeah I want you baby
 the brilliant greenyou&I
 the brilliant green”I”
 the brilliant green☆falling stars in your eyes
 the brilliant greenそのスピードで
 the brilliant greenサヨナラ summer is over
 the brilliant greenヒドイ雨
 the brilliant green冷たい花
 the brilliant green愛の愛の星
 the brilliant green長いため息のように
 the brilliant green黒い翼
 the brilliant greenfunny girlfriend
 the brilliant greenalways and always
 the brilliant greenangel song-イヴの鐘-
 the brilliant greenbaby london star
 the brilliant greenbrownle the cat-魅惑の猫ルーム-
 the brilliant greenbye! my boy!
 the brilliant greenCall My Name (JAPANESE Ver)
 the brilliant greencall my name(english version)
 the brilliant greencan't stop cryin'
 the brilliant greenDay after day
 the brilliant greenFlowers
 the brilliant greenForever to me -終りなき悲しみ -
 the brilliant greenalone alone
 the brilliant greenHello Another Way-それぞれの場所- (Album Mix)
 the brilliant greenHolidays!
 the brilliant greenI can hold your hand baby
 the brilliant greenI Never Dreamed
 the brilliant greenI'm a player in T.V game
 the brilliant greenI'm in heaven
 the brilliant greenI'M JUS' LOVIN' YOU (album mix)
 the brilliant greenI'M SO SORRY BABY (album mix)
 the brilliant greenIt's up to you!
 the brilliant greenlos angeles