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 Carpemters(A Place To)HIDEAWAY
 Carpemters(I'm Caught Between)GOODBYE AND I Love YOU
 Carpemters(They Long To Be)CLOSE TO YOU
 Carpemters(Want you)BACK IN MY Life Again
 Carpemters01-I Need To Be In Love
 Carpemters01. イエスタデイ・ワンス・モア
 Carpemters02-We've Only Just Begun
 Carpemters02. スーパースター
 Carpemters03. 雨の日と月曜日は
 Carpemters04-Rainy Days And Monday
 Carpemters04. 愛にさようならを
 Carpemters05-Top Of The World
 Carpemters05. 小さな愛の願い
 Carpemters06. 愛は夢の中に
 Carpemters07-Only Yesterday
 Carpemters07. レインボウ・コネクション
 Carpemters08-Ticket To Ride
 Carpemters08. シング
 Carpemters09-Goodbye To Love
 Carpemters09. ふたりの誓い
 Carpemters10-It's Going To Take Some Time
 Carpemters10. ジャンバラヤ
 Carpemters11-This Masquerade
 Carpemters11. タッチ・ミー
 Carpemters12-Sweet Sweet Smile
 Carpemters12. プリーズ・ミスター・ポストマン
 Carpemters13-I Won't Las A Day Without You
 Carpemters13. 青春の輝き
 Carpemters14. ソリテアー
 Carpemters15-Please Mr. Postman
 Carpemters15. 愛のプレリュード
 Carpemters16-Hurting Each Other
 Carpemters16. 遥かなる影
 Carpemters17-There's A Kind Of Hush
 Carpemters17. マスカレード
 Carpemters18-Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
 Carpemters18. 涙の乗車券
 Carpemters19-For All We Know
 Carpemters19. トップ・オブ・ザ・ワールド
 Carpemters20-Touch Me When We're Dancing
 Carpemters20. オンリー・イエスタデイ
 Carpemters21-(They Long To Be) Close To You
 Carpemters21. リーヴ・イエスタデイ・ビハインド
 Carpemters22-Yesterday Once More
 CarpemtersA Song For You
 CarpemtersAll Of My Life
 CarpemtersAll You Get From Love Is A Love Song
 CarpemtersAnother Song
 CarpemtersB'wana She No Home
 CarpemtersBaby It's You
 CarpemtersBecause WE ARE IN LOVE(The Wedding Song)
 CarpemtersBeechwood 4-5789
 CarpemtersBless The Beasts And Children
 CarpemtersBoat To Sail
 CarpemtersCan't Smile Without You
 CarpemtersCrescent Noon
 CarpemtersCrystal Lullaby
 CarpemtersDa Doo Ron Ron(When He Walked Me Home)
 CarpemtersDead Man's Curve
 CarpemtersDon't Be Afraid
 CarpemtersFor All We Know
 CarpemtersFun Fun Fun
 CarpemtersGoodbye To Love
 CarpemtersHonolulu City Lights
 CarpemtersHurting Each Other
 CarpemtersI Believe You
 CarpemtersI Can Dream Can't I
 CarpemtersI Have You
 CarpemtersI Just Fall In Love Again
 CarpemtersI Need To Be In Love
 CarpemtersI Won't Last A Day Without You
 CarpemtersI'll Never Fall In Love Again
 CarpemtersIt's Going To Take Some Time
 CarpemtersJambalaya(On The Bayou)
 CarpemtersJohnny Angel
 CarpemtersLet Me Be The One
 CarpemtersLittle Girl Blue
 CarpemtersLook To Your Dreams
 CarpemtersLove Is Surrender
 CarpemtersLove Me For What I Am
 CarpemtersMake Believe It's Your First Time
 CarpemtersMaybe It's You
 CarpemtersNowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
 CarpemtersOn Fine Day
 CarpemtersOne Love
 CarpemtersOne More Time
 CarpemtersOnly Yesterday
 CarpemtersOrdinary Fool
 CarpemtersOur Day Will Come
 CarpemtersPlease Mr_Postman
 CarpemtersRainy Days And Mondays
 CarpemtersReason To Believe
 CarpemtersRode Ode
 CarpemtersSailing On The Tide
 CarpemtersSlow Dance
 CarpemtersStrength Of A Woman
 CarpemtersSweet_ Sweet Smile
 CarpemtersThe End Of The World
 CarpemtersThe Night Has A Thousand Eyes
 CarpemtersThere's A Kind Of Hush
 CarpemtersThis Masquerade
 CarpemtersThose Good Old Dreams
 CarpemtersTicket To Ride
 CarpemtersTop Of The World
 CarpemtersTouch Me When We're Dancing
 CarpemtersTurn Away
 CarpemtersTwo Lives
 CarpemtersTwo Sides
 CarpemtersWe've Only Just Begun
 CarpemtersWhen I Fall In Love
 CarpemtersWhen It's Gone(It's Just Gone)
 CarpemtersWhen You've Got What It Takes
 CarpemtersWhere Do I Go From Here_
 CarpemtersYesterda Once More(Reprise)
 CarpemtersYesterday Once More
 CarpemtersYou're The One
 CarpemtersYour Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore